22. 12. 2015

A Manifold Poem


In our last ‘The Dirt’ blog for Manifold Portrait I introduced Caroline Reid – go read that blog here- and Caroline has now put up some of her thoughts over on her blog, including a lovely poetry response ‘Into Spring’.


Here’s an excerpt:


The falling dirt is gentle,  a soft sound

None of us can say exactly what it sounds like

but we know what it doesn’t sound like

The falling dirt does not sound like a waterfall,

or drums, says Eugene.

or the radio.


Read the entire poem here: http://carolinereidwrites.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/using-power-of-observation-to-create.html


You’ll be able to read some more of Caroline’s observations and responses at our sharing on Sunday 6th September at Rotary Park, Berri. Our sharing is a gentle invitation for people to experience some of what we’ve started thinking about during this first, early stage of the Manifold Portrait project.

Alysha Herrmann

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