About The Dirt

Welcome to “The DIRT”!

This website is a place where Country Arts SA features our long and continuing work that includes and involves Cultural Development, The Community and The Artist in regional South Australia.

Since its formation in 1993 Country Arts SA has always been a funding source for regional communities and artists, through which many excellent projects have occurred.

At times throughout its history Country Arts SA has been a major community event producer, with projects such as EPIC (1998) & Plenty (in partnership with the 2000 Adelaide Festival of Arts).  It has developed large state wide projects such as the public art works connected to “Waterworks” across five regional communities (1997-99).  More recently it has managed the South Australian Government’s Regional Centres of Culture in Pt Augusta (2008), Murray Bridge (2010), and Goolwa (2012).  We have also begun to produce and develop more targeted projects that extend art form and artist development such as “If There Was a Colour Darker than Black I’d Wear It” (2009-14).

We recognise that this sort of work quite often happens in circumstances and ways that are changeable and organic with all sorts of partners, collaborators, stake holders and really passionate and dedicated people.  To understand what, why and how these and future projects have happened we have developed this website called “The Dirt”.

On the pages of “The Dirt” you will find…

  • blogs of projects currently being undertaken by Country Arts SA
  • case studies on best practice projects and models that have occurred under our funding, management and production eye
  • discussions, connections and links to artists that we have and are working with

It’s all here for those that are interested in digging a little more through ‘the dirt’; the information, the tools and ideas behind our projects, things that provide the fertile ground for why Country Arts SA does what it is charged to do in regional South Australia.

You are welcome to contribute comments and ideas through the comments sections on the projects featured on the site as well as use the website as a resource for you own projects, research and investigations in a regional arts and cultural practice, whether here in South Australia, Australia or the rest of the world.

We look forward to meeting you digging in “The Dirt”.