01. 12. 2015

An Open Moon

Due to car troubles (mine) we had to cancel last week’s Manifold Portrait visit so it was great to be back on the road this Sunday for a visit.


This Sunday Susie Skinner also had a sharing of her This is a River residency Whole of the Moon. The sharing was happening out at Ngaut Ngaut from 3pm so we came to Berri via Swan Reach.


Our visit stretched out longer than initially expected so we lost the light for a park visit in Berri, but it was really lovely to stop by and visit Susie’s sharing and see what another artist had been up to as part of This Is A River.



Susie’s project is a very different kind of exploration of resilience to Manifold Portrait and she has incorporated five sharings into her residency – you can (and should)¬† catch the next one this Saturday at Walker’s Flat.


After arriving in Berri Sunday evening  I spent some time with family in Renmark before meeting Jess and Caroline in the park on Monday for an afternoon with Manifold Portrait in the gorgeous sun.


I brought along two green armchairs as an invitation for people to come and talk to us and as somewhere comfy to sit and compare notes in preparation for our sharing on Sunday. We ended up with a little impromptu gathering with Lauren from Derrick Street and her Year 11 nephew with some of his friends. The lads were all students at Glossop High and when I asked who had been taught by Mr Tubb, I was greeted with a chorus of ‘yeah, he’s fully sick’, ‘best science teacher I ever had’. So I tried to bribe them with his presence on Sunday as a reason to check out our sharing evening! We’ll see if they come.


Impromptu Gathering


During our afternoon chats with Lauren and the lads and each other, I kept coming back to these three questions about Rotary Park:

  • Who is here?
  • Who has been here?
  • Who will be here?


Those three questions are weaving their way through the questions we’re asking people we meet, through the responses we have and through the ideas and possibilities of where the project will land in the end.


Who is here? Who has been here? Who will be here?


Caroline also offered the idea of thinking about different stages of the project as ‘chapters’ rather than different stages of development, which I really like. I think we’ll keep that idea and come back to expand it. We then joked later in the afternoon that this stage isn’t even a first chapter, it’s a prologue or maybe an acknowledgements page!



After packing up the armchairs and jumping into the car I turned to Caroline who was with me and said ‘that felt like a really successful day!’ and Caroline said ‘I was just thinking the same thing.’




Alysha Herrmann


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  • Susie Skinner says:

    Thanks Alysha
    it was so good to see you and Caroline at Ngaut Ngaut – It was an auspicious occasion.
    I like the lay out of your images in this post and the 3 questions are excellent – they’ve got me thinking

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