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Emma makes and performs in theatre shows created from the stories, opinions and thoughts people share with her in conversation.

After the End

It has been 3 solid months since the last performance of Life is Short and Long at the Waterside Workers hall in Port Adelaide and the Wirrabara Institute. Only a month or so ago, I received this message from a local:  “Hey there Emma, good morning.  Just to say that your excellent performance / production […]

Interview with Emma Beech and Steve Mayhew

Myself and Steve Mayhew, creative producer at Country Arts SA, were interviewed for the Vitalstatistix blog. I thought it was a good one, and worth sharing on this page as it looks at our processes in general and state of the arts we are working in at present, all which affect Life Is Short and […]

The Port – is it happening?

Before I go to Barcelona, I will pause for a moment at Port Adelaide, which is where I am currently working out of Vitalstatistix, a theatre company based in the Waterside Workers Hall. Port Adelaide, and co-presenter of Life is Short and Long. The photo is of my at the Harts Market in the newly-loved […]

Life is Short and Long – Now & the beginning

The picture is of me at the Wirrabara farmers markets, a rightly proud event in the calander of the town, run by the local progress society. The Life is Short and Long team were there to have a presence, tell some stories, hear some stories, and generally field all comments, questions and ideas on Wirrabara, […]