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James Dodd is an artist who has a strong interest in public space and often works on mural scale and community oriented outcomes. He has a multi-faceted visual arts practice that embraces a range of painting and sculptural approaches. He exhibits regularly across Australia and has had his work collected by major institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia. Dodd is an educator at Adelaide Central School of Art and is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.


The River Cycle project is well and truly up and running now and will continue to generate a range of outcomes throughout the remainder of 2018. You can check out more details here –


James Dodd, Country Arts SA, This is A Border (Town), Mural Timelapse from James Dodd on Vimeo.

This is a Border (town) – Big deal

  I have been chatting with various locals about the mysterious white kangaroos. Turns out they might be a bit of a white wash, or a white elephant. No one really has any idea why they are here or why they are important. Ergo, no one really has a strong sense of why they should […]

Police State

So, it turns out, historically, that Bordertown owes its whole existence to police. During the Victorian gold rush of the 1850’s most of South Australia’s able-bodied men fled, spurred on by gold fever. Mostly, they didn’t even come back to SA when they had found gold, leaving the state workforce and economy crippled and on […]

This is a Border (Town) – Highway Driving

  Driving along the highway to Bordertown, I have a particular experience that taps into my various thoughts on possible discussions and outcomes within this project. One of the prompts for This is a Border (town) is to consider contemporary boundaries and our approaches to them – whether they are real constraints or whether we […]