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Mark de Nys is a Limestone Coast based Visual Artist ,Educator and Musician,with a background in Engineering and Design,he has worked on large scale public artwork throughout Australia,taking energy from things never before made,re inventing and re imagining always Questioning , Why ? This is a Border(town) offers the rare chance to engage with local Blokes via the Men's Shed along with industry and council members ,the outcome is Organic and Fluid Embracing Mens Mental Health , There may be Windmills ! Hope to see you on the Journey

Heavy Metal Mettle

  Here we are again in Bordertown, Its “World Mental Health Day’ Do you feel better having another”day” to embrace whatever…it takes everyday to make a difference. The worlds Mental Health is at a weird Ebb thanks Donald thanks Putin The windmill project with the Gentlemen of the Tatiara Mens Shed is gaining momentum with […]

1000 years of experience versus the Windmill gang

They stand alone in the Windswept Paddock, Mostly silent apart from a wind driven whirring or a squeaky protest due to lack of lubrication, some have bits missing, some are held together with fencing wire. Iconic, Silvery, Rusty Sentinels, Givers of life, Bringers of Water Windmills They stand together in the shed, never silent, Chatter, […]