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A new life in a new town

Bordertown FULL EDIT from Malcolm McKinnon on Vimeo.   This video is the main artwork produced by Malcolm McKinnon as part of the This is a Border(town) artist-in-residence project. Here’s the synopsis for this 15 minute film: Migrants and refugees come to Bordertown as part of their journey to create a new life. Often employed […]

Becoming settled

  Mandy hits the play button on the YouTube clip of the Australian National Anthem and all of us assembled in the Bordertown Council Chambers sing along (with varying degrees of fluency) as we follow the bouncing ball on the screen. Yakob, Saied, Bipemacho and Ninneh have come to Australia from different corners of Africa: […]

This is a Border(town) – new teaser video

This is a Border(town) teaser (extended) from Malcolm McKinnon on Vimeo.

Dancing in your own language

Farid Drokhshan is a confident performer, and he knows how to engage an audience. I’ve seen him performing twice in Bordertown now, playing seated on the floor beside his eight-year old son who accompanies him on the tabla. I’ve enjoyed Farid’s music, but what I’ve enjoyed most from these events is seeing the response of […]

Migrants are Vital – news story from The Border Chronicle

MIGRANTS ARE VITAL BY GEORGINA HORE, THE BORDER CHRONICLE, 22 June 2016 CLAIMS by Federal Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton that “illiterate and innumerate” migrants would “take Australian jobs” have caused local backlash. Victorian documentary maker Malcolm McKinnon has said the remarks were “completely unfounded”.  Mr McKinnon has visited Bordertown over the last two months for […]

Countering the globalisation of indifference

In a recent essay for the London Review of Books, British journalist and historian Frances Stonor Saunders offers provocative comment on the nature of borders in the post 9/11 world. She observes that borders are managed, unsurprisingly, in the interests of the rich and powerful. If your passport is issued by a wealthy country such […]

A Question of Empathy

I recently started work on an artist-in-residence project in Bordertown, supported by Country Arts SA. I’m the first for three artists working this year on a multifaceted project called This is a Border(town). Primarily based in Melbourne, I’m journeying over to the Tatiara to research and develop work in a range of media, including video […]