12. 12. 2015

Be interviewed by “Post” for their analogue internet!

Hilarious and topical Sydney based performance trio “Post” are creating a new internet from scratch, made entirely from face-to-face conversations and they have chosen Mt Gambier as their next stop!

“Post” member Zoe Coombs-Marr (also seen on ABC 2’s ‘Dirty Laundry’) says “We want to have a series of chats with local artists and creative people over tea and bikkies or maybe even organise a beer.”  Starting with a general getting to know you, “Post” imagines the conversations will meander.  “Much like winding your way through a Wikipedia wormhole” adds Zoe “Through a series of questions and associations, all responses will contribute to the mass of information that is destined to be “The Post Internet”.”

Commencing this project in the UK last year, Mount Gambier is the next stop on “Post’s” busy schedule.  Natalie Rose of “Post” comments “We thought it would be great for us to continue the process in a regional part of Australia that embodied the amazing theatrical lineage of Sir Robert Helpmann, who had such a connection to the UK so when Country Arts SA invited us to Mt Gambier we couldn’t say no”.

“Post” is one of Australia’s most exciting burgeoning theatre companies, often taking simple everyday ideas and making them convoluted so as to point out the ridiculous and hysterical.

After the local interviews “Post” will present a small version of their analogue internet at Varcoe’s Foundry in July (stay tuned to our e-news for more details).  They will be presented in the most high tech way “Post” know how: probably VHS recorders, overhead projectors, and etch-a-sketches. The connection might be glitchy, but hilarity will ensue. We guarantee it.

If you are interested in contributing and being interviewed please book in a session through Country Arts SA’s Creative Producer Steve Mayhew at steve.mayhew@countryarts.org.au. Meetings with “Post” will occur at The Main Corner, between July 14th and 17th.

Matthew Bennett

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