31. 05. 2016

Be the Choreographer

We have been in the process of working with the App designers to make ‘Be the Choreographer’ come to life. It has been an interesting experience to see how the App will connect with the viewer and performers. And how we can translate a choreographic making experience into a fun and interesting activity for anyone to participate in.

In contrast to the Dance Jungle Gym, Be the Choreographer is not about the participant doing the dancing. It gives them the chance to choreograph their own dance. They are able to direct the performer by first, choosing a dancer, picking their moves and then deciding on the track of music they perform it to.

They will be able to do this live and in front of any audience that may be watching. The App allows the participant/choreographer to then record and document their dance and be able to view the it in the App along with all other submissions. I feel like this is an exciting way to allow people to connect with dance in a non-threatening way. It is not asking them to dance, it is allowing them to be creative and in control of the dance they want to see.

We will be taking this to a variety of events and see how people interact and respond to a different kind of interaction with dance. I guess I’m interested in finding out if people are interested in physically participating in dance or more comfortable in directing it. As well as how it makes them feel in each circumstance.

We will be taking improvisation workshops in the lead up to the performances and allow local dancers to participate alongside the professional dancers. Make sure you check out the DanceXtend Facebook page to know when it might pop up near you!

Larissa McGowan

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Larissa McGowan

After studying dance in Brisbane and Melbourne, Larissa joined Australian Dance Theatre in 2000 and has since toured extensively with the company winning multiple awards for Best Female Dancer including a Helpmann and Australian Dance Award. Larissa appeared as a guest choreographer on two seasons of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. She has created work for WOMADelaide, Link Dance Company, Sydney Dance Company, Tasdance and premiered her first full length work, ‘Skeleton’ at the 2013 Dance Massive.

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.