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Mapping the Audience Experience

Arising from the various creative developments Sandpit is using storyboards to visually detail the proposed audience experience for “Eyes”. Below are some drafts and workings, thoughts and bubbles, ideas and meanderings.           Save Save

The Bunker

Sandpit took over the Bakehouse Theatre in Adelaide for a week to start investigating how we could build a special bunker for our apocalyptic audio tour ‘Eyes’. ‘Eyes’ is entering its final stages of development in anticipation of its premiere in early 2017. The experience will culminate in audience members entering a ‘bunker’ in which […]

‘Eyes’ Development – Watch the video

From the Book of Revelations to cosmology, Eyes is examining the eclectic stories and theories that we have developed to consider what the end of our civilisation and existence might be like. This could be divine influence, war, climate change, the collapse of the universe and anything in between. The work seeks not to point […]