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After the End

It has been 3 solid months since the last performance of Life is Short and Long at the Waterside Workers hall in Port Adelaide and the Wirrabara Institute. Only a month or so ago, I received this message from a local:  “Hey there Emma, good morning.  Just to say that your excellent performance / production […]

The Port – is it happening?

Before I go to Barcelona, I will pause for a moment at Port Adelaide, which is where I am currently working out of Vitalstatistix, a theatre company based in the Waterside Workers Hall. Port Adelaide, and co-presenter of Life is Short and Long. The photo is of my at the Harts Market in the newly-loved […]

Life is Short and Long – Now & the beginning

The picture is of me at the Wirrabara farmers markets, a rightly proud event in the calander of the town, run by the local progress society. The Life is Short and Long team were there to have a presence, tell some stories, hear some stories, and generally field all comments, questions and ideas on Wirrabara, […]