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This is a Border(town) publication now available

It’s finally here! Our ‘This is a Border(town)’ publication is now available in print AND online! This beautiful and provocative publication makes for compelling reading and we are so proud to be able to share it with you all. Physical copies are available from the Walkway Gallery in Bordertown. View an interactive version below, or download a […]

Nikki Carson – Memoirs

Though not born in this Bordertown, I moved here with my family when I was nine years old. My father’s home town, my extended family have a long history in the area. I began playing the piano at a very young age, thanks to my father, who would sit and play and sing nursery rhymes […]

A new life in a new town

Bordertown FULL EDIT from Malcolm McKinnon on Vimeo.   This video is the main artwork produced by Malcolm McKinnon as part of the This is a Border(town) artist-in-residence project. Here’s the synopsis for this 15 minute film: Migrants and refugees come to Bordertown as part of their journey to create a new life. Often employed […]


James Dodd, Country Arts SA, This is A Border (Town), Mural Timelapse from James Dodd on Vimeo.

Heavy Metal Mettle

  Here we are again in Bordertown, Its “World Mental Health Day’ Do you feel better having another”day” to embrace whatever…it takes everyday to make a difference. The worlds Mental Health is at a weird Ebb thanks Donald thanks Putin The windmill project with the Gentlemen of the Tatiara Mens Shed is gaining momentum with […]

This is a Border (town) – Big deal

  I have been chatting with various locals about the mysterious white kangaroos. Turns out they might be a bit of a white wash, or a white elephant. No one really has any idea why they are here or why they are important. Ergo, no one really has a strong sense of why they should […]

Police State

So, it turns out, historically, that Bordertown owes its whole existence to police. During the Victorian gold rush of the 1850’s most of South Australia’s able-bodied men fled, spurred on by gold fever. Mostly, they didn’t even come back to SA when they had found gold, leaving the state workforce and economy crippled and on […]

This is a Border (Town) – Highway Driving

  Driving along the highway to Bordertown, I have a particular experience that taps into my various thoughts on possible discussions and outcomes within this project. One of the prompts for This is a Border (town) is to consider contemporary boundaries and our approaches to them – whether they are real constraints or whether we […]

Becoming settled

  Mandy hits the play button on the YouTube clip of the Australian National Anthem and all of us assembled in the Bordertown Council Chambers sing along (with varying degrees of fluency) as we follow the bouncing ball on the screen. Yakob, Saied, Bipemacho and Ninneh have come to Australia from different corners of Africa: […]

This is a Border(town) – new teaser video

This is a Border(town) teaser (extended) from Malcolm McKinnon on Vimeo.