Creation Creation

03. 02. 2016

Creation Creation – Watch the video

Lead by Rose Myers (Windmill Theatre) and involving two designers / artists, Fleur Elise Noble and Jonathan Oxlade and Technologist, Pierre Proske, Creation Creation is a project that will explore big ideas about life and the universe.

The project began with a series of workshops in Renmark where young people could interact with the artists. Fleur Elise Noble explored your ideas around how participants imagined the world began. The workshops began with creative thinking exercises leading to the creation of large-scale drawings and paintings. Jonathon Oxlade used air modelling clay and cardboard to structure participants view of a new world and invented characters that live within this world. Pierre Proske introduced participants to 2D and 3D warpring and masking and will be colouring and texturing physical objects.

 The artists also engaged with members of Riverland Youth Theatre to develop ideas on the floor over two days.

Here is a video of the artist involved in explaining the project at the point of the creative development undertaken in Renmark, South Australia in 2015.


Creation Creation from Country Arts SA on Vimeo.

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