12. 12. 2015

Creative Workshop Opportunity

Windmill Theatre is developing a creative project that will explore big ideas about life and the universe. The project  begins in Renmark during the July school holidays.

The workshops will be with professional artists, Fleur Elise Noble, Jonathon Oxlade and Pierre Proske.

Workshop A (for 6-8yrs): In these workshops you will be working with Visual Artist/Performance Artist Fleur Elise Noble and together you will explore your own personal ideas around how you imagine the world began. The workshops begin with creative thinking exercises leading to the creation of large-scale drawings and paintings.

Workshop B (for 9-12yrs): In these workshops you be working with Jonathon Oxlade, Designer/Artist using air modelling clay and cardboard to structure your view of a new world and invent characters that live within this world.

Workshop C (for 12-18 yrs): An introduction to projection mapping. With very little prior knowledge, participants will be colouring and texturing physical objects and be introduced to 2D and 3D warpring, masking and real time

There are only 10 places available for workshop A & B. Workshop C, capacity is very limited, register you interest, we will confirm your attendance closer to the day.
Participants will need to commit to attending both workshop sessions.

Dates & Times: 

Workshop A      Tuesday 7 July and Thursday 9 July. 10.30am – 12.30pm
Workshop B       Tuesday 7 July and Thursday 9 July.  1.30pm – 3.30pm
Workshop C       Wednesday 8 July. 10.30am – 12.30pm & 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Venue:                Chaffey Theatre, Drama Room

To register, download and complete the workshop registration form and send the completed form including your details (Name, age, contact details) to:

Contact Tammy Hall
Audience Development Coordinator, Country Arts SA
Email: workshops@countryarts.org.au

The Workshop Registration Form & Disclaimer can be downloaded here.

Matthew Bennett

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.