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02. 08. 2016

Drawing on Country

Artists / Coordinators 2013:  Cheryl Anne Brown (Goolwa)  l  Berenice Carrington (Clayton)  l   Betty Sumner (Raukkan)  l  Gaynor Hartvigsen (Milang)  Paul Gallash (filmmaker)

Artists / Coordinators 2014:  Cheryl Anne Brown (Goolwa)  l   Jane Hylton (Clayton)  l  Richard Hodges (Raukkan)  l  Gaynor Hartvigsen (Milang) 

An art event in which the river and lakes communities were invited to bring their art equipment and materials and interpret the landscape of Lake Alexandrina from 4 different locations in one day.

Drawing on Country was sited at Raukkan, Milang , Clayton and Goolwa.  Four professional artists were engaged to facilitate the sessions at each location and demonstrate plein air skills.  The event ran from 10am – 4pm  on Saturday 5 October 2013 and was held again on Saturday 4 October 2014 to provide an opportunity for participants to observe changes to the landscape.  Lunch and some additional art materials were provided.

Drawing on Country was designed to inspire people of all ages, regardless of artistic abilities or skill level, to come outdoors and experience creative expression in a natural setting.

Inspiration for this project was drawn from the parallax principle, one subject delivering many perspectives depending on vantage point and style. Drawing on Country was about an observation of change, diversity and communal activity engaging in conventional and digital drawing techniques.

In 2013, 147 works by 68 community members were completed. Forty children from the Milang School and Raukkan Aboriginal School were taught digital drawing techniques.  Many of the works were then gathered into an exhibition which traveled to the four townships beginning in Goolwa at the South Coast Regional Arts Centre.  The exhibition launched on 6 December at the arts centre and was attended by more than 90 people.

Drawing on Country 2013

Drawing on Country 2014 – photographs by Richard Hodges

Partner Outcomes :

  • Public focus placed on key environmental areas that are front line in showing the impact of climate change
  • Changes in selected locations documented over a 2 year period
  • An opportunity to extend community engagement to a new demographic
  • A deepened appreciation of ecological diversity by participants observing the subtle detail, patterns and textures of the Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth System.

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