03. 02. 2016

‘Eyes’ Development – Watch the video

From the Book of Revelations to cosmology, Eyes is examining the eclectic stories and theories that we have developed to consider what the end of our civilisation and existence might be like. This could be divine influence, war, climate change, the collapse of the universe and anything in between. The work seeks not to point to a certain fate of the world but to trigger the audience’s imaginations as to the possibilities of catastrophes that could result in our demise.

The audience will be guided through an experience that allows them to reflect on the world as it is around them, and it imagine what it might be like if this world were to come to an end – what should be preserved, what should be destroyed, what they would miss if it was all over.

Eyes will be staged in two places – it will begin as an audio tour experience outdoors, and then will move inside a specially constructed ‘bunker’. The bunker might at first seem simple, but built into it are a range of technologies and theatrical elements to transform the space – it may suddenly shake, fill with smoke, flood with water, or be beautifully projection mapped to place the audience in outer space.

First draft script development for ‘Eyes’ by writer Declan Greene was completed by November’s end 2015, a second creative development also occurred in Melbourne, in early December 2015 to road-test the first draft of the script alongside an alpha prototype of the custom hardware.

Sandpit are on a final shortlist to take the development of ‘Eyes’ to the New Frontier Story Lab, Sundance Resort, Utah, USA where it would receive an intensive development period in May 2016. With an emphasis on story, this Lab supports artists who are developing interactive, immersive, or experimental projects that aim to create rich and resonant experiences for audiences. The New Frontier Story Lab is open to a wide variety of storytelling disciplines, forms and story designs and will ultimately serve the work in profound ways.

Here is a video of SANDPIT explaining the project at the point of the creative development undertaken in Roxby Downs, South Australia in 2015.

‘Eyes’ Development from Country Arts SA on Vimeo.

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