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12. 02. 2018

In the beginning: 10 Questions


This is an entirely new role. That means it has never existed before and there is no set of projects or way of working to inherit. That means I am figuring out what we do, how we do it, where we do it and when we do it.

The only things that are certain are: this role is about working with people 26 and under living in regional, rural and remote South Australia. It is about their creative ideas, aspirations, concerns and adventures. This is a creative producing role so I am going to be producing creative outcomes. This role is jointly-funded by Carclew & Country Arts SA so must support and respond to the wider work of both organisations as well.


Everything else is up for discovery.


We are right at the beginning. This stage is about asking questions, making connections, uncovering assumptions and finding the starting point/s for a creative program spanning 2018-2020.


Here are 10 questions I am asking myself in this beginning:


1.      South Australia is huge*, and every individual region and community is unique in its challenges and opportunities (not to mention the individual people in each place), how will I connect and keep myself informed across such a big area?

2.      What do I already know from my own experiences as a creative person in regional SA when I was still under 26? What has or hasn’t changed in the past 7 years?

3.      What are the pressures, the pull & the push factors, the challenges and the opportunities for people under 26 with creative energy in regional SA?

4.      What projects, activities and initiatives are happening right now in regional, rural & remote South Australia that are led by creatives 26 and under, or are for them? How can I support, connect and amplify those existing things in this role?

5.      What is missing? Where are the cracks and the gaps – in knowledge, in resources, in skills, in activity, in inspiration?

6.      How will I (or should I) communicate with people 26 and under? Not just in this early stage, but across the life of this role. How can I be open about what I’m doing and why so that creative young people can get what they need from my role?

7.      Who else do I need to talk to? And what do we need to talk about? Creativity and creative futures always blend and touch other disciplines and industries. These conversations are about more than art – but how do we also keep art at the centre?

8.      How do we shape a creative program that is robust, relevant, exciting and clear, while still having the space to evolve and pivot if it needs to? How do we make sure that the creative program is owned and driven by people 26 and under in their own communities?

9.      How do we appropriately resource the creative program and ancillary creative outcomes? Who are the champions and partners we need to find to do so?

10.   What questions have I forgotten to ask? How do I make sure I keep asking them?


For every answer and every decision I make, underneath always I am also asking – why this? Why now? Why here? Why this way? Why? Why? Why?


This blog space is one part of exploring some of the (many) answers and being transparent about what, where, when, how and who as things take shape. I’m going to keep sharing posts like this – my thinking and questions and insights as the Creative Producer – alongside:

·        case studies (once we get to the making and doing stage),

·        interviews with inspiring creative people we meet through the creative program

·        interviews with inspiring creative people from further afield

·        creative and other content from the creative program and the people we collaborate with

·        any other resources and inspiration that I think could be relevant or useful to anyone who might find themselves following this blog.


If there are things you want to know about in relation to this role and the creative program once it develops – please ask! I’d love to hear from you and that two-way dialogue will help me to make this blog more useful and relevant.


*The whole of Australia is really huge. Like really. Here’s an awesome map where you can see Australia compared to other parts of the world by geographic size: https://thetruesize.com/

Alysha Herrmann


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Beginning with consultation and building connections in 2017 - 2018, and then developing & delivering a creative program of projects, events, activites, initatives and mentoring 2018-2020


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