24. 12. 2015

Meeting of the Waters, Wellington

This is us, the Meeting of the Waters artists: Michelle Murray, Heather Millar, Kylie Kain, Owen Love and Richard Hodges.

Our residency is at Wellington but the Ngarrindjeri story of Ngurunderi chasing Pondi, the Murray Cod down stream, sets our stage. To understand the river at Wellington, we must at least understand the river from Murray Bridge and out through the mouth into Lake Alexandrina.

In our project we are looking at how law and stories impact ourselves, the residents and the place, and what happens when two unique worlds become one. It is a journey of discovery and we invite everyone to join us at https://facebook.com/meetingofthewaters . Please ‘like’ our page, join the discussion and feel free to share an image and a story in response to the phrase, Meeting of the Waters: two worlds become one. It might be a slice of family history; it might be about the meeting of different bodies of water; how science alongside Ngarrindjeri knowledge is trying to restore the system; how laws and lore have impacted life on the Murray; or any story you have that sheds light on what happens when ‘two worlds become one’.

you can also find us at https://meetingofthewaterswellingtonsa.wordpress.com


Michelle Murray

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.