15. 12. 2015

Netting New Faces


Last week Jess and I started exploring ideas for ‘visual elements’ for Manifold Portrait. Ie. things in the space that people see and that *hopefully* allow and encourage them to see Rotary Park in a new way. Jess started weaving a little face with string into my wire wastepaper basket and we decided that next time we were at Rotary Park we should try weaving a face into the net that occupies one end of the park.


So we did. Exhibit A:



Well actually Jess did.

I watched and wrote poetry, observations and ideas.


We didn’t *technically* have permission to permanently install anything into the park, but because it was made of wool and could easily be cut down if offensive/needed and it looks so beautiful I told Jess to leave it there. We’ll see if anyone notices….


We also left a rough and ready invitation in the mailboxes of households surrounding Rotary Park to volunteer as ‘portrait models’. As well as not being a photographer, I am also not a graphic designer. But you get the idea and hopefully our households are curious enough to get in contact. Stay tuned!


Portrait Models Wanted copy




Alysha Herrmann


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