03. 12. 2015

Probably This. Mabe That. Definitely.

One of the things about projects – and life – is that things change.

People get sick.

Timelines get pushed back.

Ideas evolve and grow into something entirely new.

In life and in projects.

I both love and hate all the unknowns…


After weeks of sickness and not being able to get much work or life done at all, I was finally back in Rotary Park yesterday. Jess and I met to lock in the details of what and how we’ll actually be sharing on the 6th September for our ‘public outcome’ as part of This Is A River. Obviously I don’t want to give too much away as that would defeat the purpose of our sharing evening, but I will sketch out a few possibilities for you to mull.


As a side note – we were both pretty pleased that the gorgeous face Jess wove a few weeks ago is still there and has survived all the dreadful weather of the last couple of weeks! If you haven’t seen it in the flesh yet, do swing by and have a peek on your next drive through Berri.

Jess and Face big

Manifold Portrait is a project in it’s infancy. We’re right at the beginning and our residency as part of This Is A River has been the beginning of a conversation with this community. Every time I’ve been in the park I’ve met someone new but it takes time to build relationships.  Even just to meet everyone – if I’m meeting one new person each time I’m there it could take me a year just to have a first meeting with everyone who lives on the edges of Rotary Park!


So always and with everyone I’ve spoken to – the community of Manifold Portrait that I’ve met so far, the artists I’ve invited in, the wider community and supporters – it’s been really important to me not to rush, not to force whatever it is that we’re making together. At the same time, I of course, do have an underpinning idea and drive and approach to this project and why I’m doing it (also I’m actually a really impatient person!). So there’s a tension in that, which I need to manage to find our way through into actually making something worthwhile.  And so our sharing evening coming up in only a few short weeks is very much a reflection of that. It’s not a finished anything, it’s an opening, a sharing of ideas – ours and yours – a sharing of food (ours), and some things we’ve made in response to the time spent here so far.


This is my most recent site map plotting out the sharing evening:

Site PlanIt makes sense in my head.


So what can I actually tell you about the sharing evening?


There will be:


  • Food + refreshing liquid (not alcohol – just to be clear)
  • Visual art
  • Stories (written & spoken)
  • Torches
  • Probably fairy lights
  • An opportunity for visitors/audience/community to contribute something
  • Examples of things we plan to make/explore/test in the next stage (post September)
  • My smiling face
  • Your smiling face (hopefully).


See you on the 6th September, food sharing at dusk, Rotary Park Berri.




PS. I’m sharing other bits and bobs over on the ‘official’ Manifold Portrait blog, including our most recent thoughts about projection art in Rotary Park. Pop on over and subscribe for all the updates straight to your inbox here.




Alysha Herrmann


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