Change & Adaptation

Change & Adaptation was a three year program (2012 to 2014) of community based arts projects, workshops and events, evolving from a unique partnership between health, environmental and arts organisations located in the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, Murray Mallee, Kangaroo Island, Mt Gambier and the Coorong and Lakes communities.

The program received national arts funding through the Australia Council for the Arts (national Creative Communities Partnership Initiatives) – awarded because of Change & Adaptation’s innovative community arts and cultural development partnership opportunities.

By employing a range of artforms including music, writing, cartoon, puppetry, sculpture, public art, digital animation and theatre,  the projects aimed to improve community wellbeing and increase participation in the arts.

Change & Adaptation was established with the awareness that change is the biggest driver in the contemporary world.  The program was conceived in 2010 and funding was in place in 2011-12.   At the time the program was being developed, the drought was in its tenth year.   The concept of the need to adapt to inevitable changes in the  political, environmental, social and financial landscape become a major theme of the program.

Change & Adaptation was designed as a flexible, developmental program that had the capacity to accommodate community aspiration and partners requirements.  A Creative Producer oversaw the program with a team of artists.  The artists acted as an ensemble to cross-fertilise the potential outcomes of the projects in different areas.  The management team and lead artists met regularly to discuss progress on each project.

Change and Adaptation aimed to contribute to improving health and wellbeing for communities and individuals by embedding arts practice in the delivery of services provided by the health and environment sectors. This involved the introduction of collaborative projects with artists that offer new and different ways for organisations to work.  In the process it is hoped to demonstrate how the arts can support services to achieve their organisational goals and meet the needs of their community or clients.

The Change & Adaptation management team consisted of: Ollie Black – Creative Producer, Cath Cantlon – Creative Consultant & Di Gordon – Project Officer.

You can find more information about the whole Change & Adaptation program here

This program informed the main theme “Resilience as Process” behind the 2015 series of artist residencies “This Is A River” which you can begin to explore on this website here





2012 - 2014


Community Arts, Workshops and Events


Alexandrina Council, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA Health, Medicare Local


Alexandria region

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