Climate Century

Vitalstatistix and Country Arts SA are partnering to commission a new work by James Dodd, River Cycle, as part of Climate Century.

River Cycle is an experiment in invention and adaptation. James Dodd will graft a bicycle to the ubiquitous tinny, producing a cobbled together watercraft. This object, a working sculpture, will be the central facilitator and discussion point for a series of real and rhetorical journeys exploring speculative sustainable technology and everyday creativity.

Travelling the River Murray in 2018, River Cycle will invite conversation with communities along its voyage, exploring human-made political and weather patterns, and the possibilities of climate change adaptation – from the pragmatic to the barely, wildly imagined.

For Climate Century, River Cycle will conclude with an exhibition of the sculpture, a series of workshops with communities along the Port River, and the substantial documentation of collected materials, reference points and invention, along the way.

Beyond the premiere exhibition the work can be presented in a range of river contexts, continuing to accumulate responses to the futures of our waterways.


15. 05. 2018


The River Cycle project is well and truly up and running now and will continue to generate a range of outcomes throughout the remainder of 2018. You can check out more details here –


James Dodd

James Dodd





Vitalstatistix is a South Australian contemporary arts organisation with a focus on the development of multidisciplinary artworks, which experiment with ideas, forms and engagement. They provide a site for big ideas and intimate experiences, for long-term development and hothouse intensity, for contemporary art and community life.

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About the Artist

James Dodd

James Dodd is an artist who has a strong interest in public space and often works on mural scale and community oriented outcomes. He has a multi-faceted visual arts practice that embraces a range of painting and sculptural approaches. He exhibits regularly across Australia and has had his work collected by major institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia. Dodd is an educator at Adelaide Central School of Art and is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

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