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Artists Nadia Cusimano and Paul Gazzola are returning to Waikerie to collectively explore the larger collections of objects and associated stories that accompany them that were unearthed during the successful Temporary Art Gallery project in 2014.

“Our intention is to unearth the knowledge associated with specialised collections and the histories that they speak of. To develop a project that explores the interests and personal cultural perspectives of each individual through a collaborative process of exchange and shared fascination.”

What defines a collection of things? Is two enough or is it maybe 10? Or even more?

What stories are connected to the objects and how long have you been collecting them for?

Focusing on the personal resources and interests of a number of local collectors, COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS, explores the parallel and similarities between the high-art collector and those whose fascination lie within the everyday. Engaging with notions of local identity and regional aesthetics through the eyes of a number of individuals and their personal collections.

Initial collections and collectors include – Trevor Kleeman and his specialised set of tractors, Pamela Warner’s expansive set of sea horses and Warrren Hardeman’s knowledge of unrecorded songs of the river. Plus the search is on for more participants as well as the young boy whose bottle collection totaled over 400 items!

Spring-boarding from Temporary Art Gallery – Waikerie, COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS builds upon the established relationships and heart warming genuine interest of the local community to take part in this type of art, where those who participate generate the project outcome.

Over the next two years COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS continues with a series of ongoing works by Nadia and Paul in regional Australia that research and develop new models of engagement based on a collaborative process of reciprocal exchange and shared interests. Where knowledge, specialisation and the personal become the key motivators and catalysts for cultural discourse and visibility. Giving value to the often under-represented rural populations and the individuals that define these communities.



Exhibition Opening

When: 26 & 27 September, 10am – 5pm

Where: Waikerie Institute, Cnr White & McCoy Streets, Waikerie


Sunday performance, 3pm

River Songs from Warren Hardeman and guests


Attention collectors of Waikerie!

Do you have a growing number of objects and a story to tell of how you got that many? Want to be involved in a project with the artist team of Nadia Cusimano and Paul Gazzola that brought the Temporary Art Gallery to Waikerie in 2014? We want to hear from you! Call or text Paul on 0403 959 716 or for more information go to



12. 11. 2015

ABC Riverland interviews 4 Collectors

Follow this link to the series of interviews made by ABC reporter Catherine Heuzenroeder with 4 of this years Collectors


Paul Gazzola

28. 10. 2015

Riverboat Songs

This concert of contemporary and traditional Riverboat songs was part of an ongoing collection from Warren Hardiman and Dick Bromhead that took place on Sunday the 27th September at 3pm. Whilst many songs are only know in part and most left unrecorded or only recorded in part, much of the history of many of the […]


Paul Gazzola

26. 10. 2015

Bring on the collections!

Over the weekend of the 26 & 27th September, COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS had its first outcome at the Waikerie Institute. 17 diverse collections from 15 collectors were on display ranging from 200+ seahorses to clothes irons to old super 8 films as well as a concert of Riverboat songs that ended the weekend event. All photo credits: […]


Paul Gazzola


Exhibition open 26 & 27 September, 10am - 5pm




Nadia Cusimano & Paul Gazzola


Waikerie Institute, Cnr White & McCoy Streets, Waikerie

About the Artist

Paul Gazzola

Paul operates an interdisciplinary practice of over 20 years across art, architecture, choreography, installation, performance, set design, video and theory.

About the Artist

Nadia Cusimano

Nadia Cusimano studied dance, accountancy and physical education in Italy and in 1996 received a BA in Performing Arts, EDDC Arnheim.

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