Diary of a Creative Producer

This is a blog sharing the adventures, lessons, creative discoveries and behind-the-scenes insights on the road with Carclew & Country Arts SA’s Creative Producer, Youth (Regional), Alysha Herrmann.

The Creative Producer, Youth (Regional) is a statewide position nurturing and supporting creative leaders, thinkers, makers, doers and explorers in their teens and early twenties (26 and under) living in regional, rural & remote South Australia.


Join the community of creative young people at Regional Creative Youth or get in contact with Alysha here. 


Culture is shared by young people in so many different ways. We welcome it all. 

Writing | Visual Art | Digital Art | Community Art | Music | Dance | Theatre | Your Art Here


The role of the Creative Producer is to:

  • Produce new creative outcomes with young artistic leads from regional South Australia
  • Champion, connect and nurture existing activities that serve or are led by young people in regional SA
  • Encourage and provoke new ways of thinking about youth engagement within Country Arts SA. Be an internal champion for young people’s ideas and actively seek opportunities to connect young people with CASA’s broader work across the state.
  • Encourage and support other Carclew staff to develop and deliver regional outcomes. Identify and nurture points of connections between the work of Carclew and CASA.
  • Be an advocate for youth arts and regional arts


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06. 03. 2018

Voices from 2028: Kirsty Williams

  Four creative young people shared a letter from the future with the Country Arts SA whole of staff gathering in February, 2018.   This letter is from Kirsty Williams.      Kirsty Williams is a proud Kaurna, Nurrungar and Ngarrindjeri woman. She is a mother and performer and member of, Of Desert & Sea […]


Alysha Herrmann

23. 02. 2018

Voices from 2028: A whole of staff conversation

Each year the entire staff cohort of Country Arts SA gathers for two days of workshops, presentations, updates, conversation and connections. These all of staff days are an important way to nurture and maintain a healthy workplace culture (making sure everyone is on the same page and has all the relevant updates about direction, practical […]


Alysha Herrmann

12. 02. 2018

In the beginning: 10 Questions

  This is an entirely new role. That means it has never existed before and there is no set of projects or way of working to inherit. That means I am figuring out what we do, how we do it, where we do it and when we do it. The only things that are certain […]


Alysha Herrmann


Beginning with consultation and building connections in 2017 - 2018, and then developing & delivering a creative program of projects, events, activites, initatives and mentoring 2018-2020


Creative outcomes by and with young people (aged 12-26)


Carclew & Country Arts SA with an invitation to other stakeholders and partners to come and play


Regional, rural & remote South Australia

The Creative Producer, Youth (Regional) is a statewide role co-funded and managed by Carclew and Country Arts SA. The role of Creative Producer, Youth is to nurture and support young people (aged 12-26) living in regional South Australia to explore and express their creative aspirations. Young people themselves know what they want to do and how they want to do it. The Creative Producer’s role is to be a listener, cheer squad, connector, collaborator, facilitator, champion and ally. Alysha Herrmann was appointed to the role of Creative Producer in late 2017, she is based from the Riverland region of South Australia. Alysha is an award winning writer, theatre-maker and community organiser in her own right.

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