Life is Short and Long

Beautiful, insightful and surprising, Life Is Short and Long brings to life a multitude of characters and stories told from the point of view of a traveller who discovers unexpected turns of life for herself along the way.

Performance- maker Emma Beech visited Wirrabara in the winter of 2013, what she found was lots of greatness in a town almost forgotten.

Emma turns a bitter-sweet catalogue of human resilience in the seemingly disparate locations of Barcelona Spain; Wirrabara in South Australia’s mid north, and Port Adelaide, into a magical, witty and occasionally utopian meditation on human nature.

Life Is Short and Long is a performance installation created from Emma’s three years of travel yarns and investigations into how people respond to crisis and change.

Emma will visit Wirrabara in the months leading up to the shows.  Keep a look out for her at the producers market May 15 & July 17 & September 18 and also keep an eye out on this blog as she details her thoughts on making the show.

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th October
Wirrabara Institute, Main North Road, Wirrabara


Adult – $20
Child under 15 – $15
Groups of 6 – $15 each


Tickets available from the Wirrabara Craft Shop and other nearby local outlets one month prior to show dates and check for more details closer to the dates of the performance.


09. 02. 2017

After the End

It has been 3 solid months since the last performance of Life is Short and Long at the Waterside Workers hall in Port Adelaide and the Wirrabara Institute. Only a month or so ago, I received this message from a local:  “Hey there Emma, good morning.  Just to say that your excellent performance / production […]


Emma Beech

Emma Beech

08. 07. 2016

The Port – is it happening?

Before I go to Barcelona, I will pause for a moment at Port Adelaide, which is where I am currently working out of Vitalstatistix, a theatre company based in the Waterside Workers Hall. Port Adelaide, and co-presenter of Life is Short and Long. The photo is of my at the Harts Market in the newly-loved […]


Emma Beech

Emma Beech

20. 06. 2016

Life is Short and Long – Now & the beginning

The picture is of me at the Wirrabara farmers markets, a rightly proud event in the calander of the town, run by the local progress society. The Life is Short and Long team were there to have a presence, tell some stories, hear some stories, and generally field all comments, questions and ideas on Wirrabara, […]


Emma Beech

Emma Beech


Friday 28th & Saturday 29th October


Artist Residency


Emma Beech


Wirrabara Institute, Main North Road, Wirrabara

About the Company

Emma Beech

Emma started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was 6, and won the local Rotary Public Speaking competition when she was 13. She ran off to the big smoke from her small town to train as an acrtess, but found the allure of telling her own stories in a multitude of different ways too alluring. So she headed to Denmark to learn about installation theatre techniques. She came back two years later ready to make and create. Emma has been involved in several processes and productions that have a community focused agenda, and has been a workshop leader for emerging arts companies such as Riverland Youth Theatre, Urban Myth Theatre, PYT (Sydney) & Courthouse Arts. Emma has also taught acting at a tertiary level at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark and Flinders University.

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