Meeting of the Waters

With Owen Love, Richard Hodges, Kylie Kain, Heather Millar and Paul Gallasch.

Meeting of the Waters is a physical residency at Wellington with a virtual and online presence that is building into a series of short films, research, journals, profiles and interviews. The artists are exploring how lore and law have helped make the people of the Wellington region who they are today through a series of interviews with farmers, fishers, and traditional owners.

Actor and playwright, Owen Love will take us on a journey into his country, Ngarrindjeri country. He will trace the ancestral story of Ngurunderi as he chases Pondi, the great Murray Cod, into Lake Alexandrina transforming the waters, the land and the people.

Writer and storyteller Michelle Murray will consider her own story as a white woman in an Aboriginal family by marriage, and what impact both European and Aboriginal law and lore have had on her life. She will create a mythical poetic monologue from the parallels of this and the stories she discovers on the Murray.

Photographer Richard Hodges will capture the changing moods of the people and landscape with his Nikon D3s. He will be there to chronicle Owen’s story in film format and to respond creatively to Michelle’s poem with enigmatic images of the region.

Songwriter Kylie Kain will craft and record three original songs inspired by stories, people and place.

Writer Heather Millar will develop online portraits from a selection of interviews and of the artists at work.

Filmmaker Paul Gallasch will help pull the works together into a series of short films.

People are invited to join in the online conversation by sharing an image with a short description in response to the phrase, ‘Meeting of the Waters: two worlds become one’. It might be a slice of family history; it might be about the meeting of different bodies of water; how science alongside Ngarrindjeri knowledge is trying to restore the system; how laws and lore have impacted life on the Murray; or any local story you have that sheds light on what happens when ‘two worlds become one’. These will join the Facebook page to help weave the complex story of life at Wellington and the Lower Lakes.



Attend the launch event

When: Sunday 27 September, 4.30pm

Where: Wellington Courthouse, 678 Mason Street, Wellington


Contribute your story

Facebook: meetingofthewaters


Contact Michelle Murray, or 0428 100 436


Image: Lake Alexandrina from Lake Reserve Road, Wellington.
Photo by Michelle Murray.


25. 09. 2015

Richard Hodges: a portrait

By Heather Millar. In Meeting of the Waters, photographer Richard Hodges, of Cadell Street Studio in Goolwa, captures the changing moods of the people and the landscape using both photography and film. He chronicles Owen Love’s story and responds creatively to Michelle Murray’s poetic tales with enigmatic images of the region. Richard has a picture […]


Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray


Sunday 27 September, 4.30pm


Artists in Residence with Community Participation


Michelle Murray


Wellington Courthouse

About the Artist

Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray is a writer and performer of mythical poetics. She has written, performed and produced four collaborative productions, the most recent at the South Coast Regional Arts Centre, Goolwa, including The Black Faced Shag 2014 and The Black Wedding Dress 2011.

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