Reclaimed Pianos

Stunning, graceful and evocative, Reclaimed Pianos is an intimate new creation by internationally renowned company Circa that taps into the piano’s magical ability to transport us through time and to other places.

As notes reverberate, they echo our memories of times before, places travelled and worlds to be discovered. From classical recitals to family sing-alongs: pianos have stories to tell.

In this beautiful new work, the incredible physicality of Circa’s acrobats will breathe fresh life to music layered with a soundscape of local voices. In the centre of this chamber of circus is a guest appearance by a piano sourced from the community – a gem of hidden history and dreams.


31. 08. 2016

Bringing people together

And now we bring all the elements together…acrobatic routines are being refined, piano repertoire is being fine-tuned and polished, the soundscapes of locals testifying on everything from first household piano memories to the nerves of piano lessons and first public performances, to the colour and swirl of the local country dance where nearly all the […]


Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett

15. 08. 2016


On the piano hunter trail Daryl Wallis and Country Arts SA visited the Lameroo Memorial Hall to investigate the state of the Laffargue from New York. With a tinker and tune – she’ll be ready to share the stage in her upcoming role in Reclaimed Pianos. We visited Edna Gilbertson and Elsie Webb at the Aged […]


Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett


Touring regional SA September 12 - 25




CIRCA and Country Arts SA


Bordertown, Lameroo, Cummins and Ceduna

Since 2004 Circa has been at the frontier of new circus – creating powerful works of circus art that challenge, thrill and delight. Featuring an ensemble of multi-skilled circus artists under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz, Circa’s award-winning works have been seen in 34 countries across six continents. At the centre of Circa is the art. Shows that push the boundary of the circus artform, blur the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus and yet are a unique, singular ‘Circa’ experience. Circa also runs a Training Centre with a workshop program in our dedicated circus studio in Brisbane and with partners throughout Queensland and beyond. Circa manages arTour supporting other artists to tour and assisting Queensland presenters to program performance work for their local audiences.

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Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.