RIVERscience ⌘ LANDart

River-SCIENCE needs river-ART to effectively engage with and communicate our diverse river-based knowledge and experiences. Linking them forms the SCIENCE⌘ART nexus, which is the focus of Charles’ river-art project. This project seeds longer-term SCIENCE⌘ART partnerships and explorations in the Riverland.

The Riverland is held together by a mosaic of environmental-webs and cultural-networks, rooted in the Murray River. This mosaic embodies what we know about the river and how we interact with it.

Critical to this mosaic is river-science, which includes our extensive knowledge, experience and study about how the river functions and responds.  Such science is often complex, distant and polarised – yet vital to community and environmental resilience.

The public is invited to a visual showcase launched in Renmark, consisting of SCIENCE⌘ART photography created at Calperum Station where wetlands and floodplains vital to river health are found.  After Renmark, this showcase will travel to other river locations, as well as to Canberra.

Charles is also facilitating group activities and collaborative partnerships to increase SCIENCE⌘ART in landscape management and community engagement. Volunteers, staff and scientists working with river-landscapes are developing SCIENCE⌘ARTpractices and SCIENCE⌘ARTworks, for use in their work and for communicating science with the wider public.

Participants will produce a collaborative SCIENCE⌘ART photography eBook and a second showcase celebrating community resilience. Details will be announced through thedirtsa.com.au

Charles comes to the Riverland with an international and interdisciplinary background in community engagement, environmental research and photography. His current research and practice focuses on the SCIENCE⌘ART nexus, and includes embedded photography in collaboration with staff and volunteers at Calperum Station.



Photographic exhibition

When: 1 – 30 September

Where: The McCormick Centre, Ral Ral Avenue, Renmark


Image: Fog Reveals, Calperum. Photo by Charles Tambiah.



Photographic Exhibition 1 - 30 September


Artists in Residence with Community Participation


Charles Tambiah


The McCormick Centre, Ral Ral Avenue, Renmark

About the Artist

Charles Tambiah

Charles Tambiah is a researcher at the Australian National University's 'School of Art' and the 'Research School of Earth Sciences'. Charles' ongoing research and practice focuses on the nexus between Science and Art, which he integrates with his international background in community engagement, environmental sciences and cross-cultural facilitation. He is an accomplished science photographer, with his images being used in research, education and communication, and exhibited in Australia, USA and UK.

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.