We Are The World

Imagine a place where you could access information, communicate with other people, form connections, find your community … you mean the Internet?

No … welcome to The Post Internet.

post, Sydney based performance company, with technologist Josh Mu are creating a new Internet from scratch, made entirely from face-to-face conversations. After initial development in the UK, they are now entering Phase Two: Mount Gambier.

Think of it as an analogue internet.  During their residency post will invite local artists from the Mount Gambier region to share stories, expressed in any form.

Then they will create the new internet and a show semi-devised in front of your very eyes in the most high tech was they know how – with VHS recorders, overhead projectors and etch-a-sketches.

Hilarity will ensue. We guarantee it.

For more information about the artists, their process and the trail showings for the public on Thursday 23rd and 24th July stay tuned to “The Dirt”.

To participate as a local artist from the Mount Gambier region please contact steve.mayhew@countryarts.org.au

You can follow post via their facebook on https://www.facebook.com/post.p.post


03. 02. 2016

We Are The World

During the research & development undertaken in Mt Gambier, South Australia in 2015 POST developed an interview structure that begins by asking the interviewee how they see the world, and expands to include ideas of movement, travel, migration, colonization and privilege. They also collaborated with technologists Grumpy Sailor to develop an interview database (prototype version). […]


Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett


In Development 2014-16


Artists in Residence with Community Participation


Post, Intimate Spectacle


Mount Gambier

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Mish Grigor, Natalie Rose and Zoe Coombs Marr are post, Sydney-based artists who devise and perform original works.

Sandpit creates immersive, personal experiences that change people. We place audiences right at the centre of interactive experiences.

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