The River's Way

The River’s Way is a site-responsive residency based in Murray Bridge, where the artist will immerse herself in the local community and explore the natural environment of the river. The residency will culminate in an exhibition at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, where the works created during the residency will be returned to the community as a gift, and a surprise.

Environmental sculptor Evette Sunset notices subtle but significant things. The marks a broken reed makes as it scratches on the soft surface of the river bank; the small shifts in water levels brought by tide and wind.

Evette is particularly interested in how the river, as a natural system, is dynamic, multi-layered, continually evolving and incredibly resilient. Through her research – observations, conversations, sculpturemaking – Evette will explore how the River embodies multiple laminar layers of living energies and histories.

Once installed the exhibition will continue to be evolved by the artist in the gallery from 28 July – 1 August; 7 – 8 August and 14 –15 August.

“Quietly making sculpture out of found natural materials in an exquisite outdoor setting, is like trying to hear the song of the nightingale only just glimpsed as a faint dot high above in a blue sky. You strain to grasp and connect with something at first only fleetingly glimpsed – you stand there flying.” Evette Sunset




Exhibition Opening

When: Sunday 26 July, 2.30pm

Where: Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, 27 Sixth Street, Murray Bridge


Contribute to the exhibition

10 – 14 & 17 July, 12 – 2pm

At the street studio opposite Murray Bridge Regional Gallery


See the completed exhibition

24 July – 20 September


Image: Roving Street Artist, 2013. Photo by Evette Sunset.


02. 11. 2015

The River’s Way by Evette Sunset

The River’s Way by Evette Sunset from Murray Bridge Regional Gallery on Vimeo. The River’s Way was a sculptural installation by artist Evette Sunset, responding to the River Murray. Using local natural materials the artist created an impression of the river’s way – its OWN way. The River’s Way showed at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery […]


Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett

17. 06. 2015

Dipping my toe in


Evette Sunset

Evette Sunset


Exhibition Opening: Sunday 26 July, 2.30pm. Contribute to the exhibition 10-14 & 17 July, 12-2pm. Completed exhibition open 24 July - 20 September


Artists in Residence with Community Participation


Evette Sunset


Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

About the Artist

Evette Sunset

Evette Sunset is an environmental sculptor from South Australia. She works mainly outdoors with natural fibres collected from the landscape to create site-responsive, large-scale installations. This often involves client or community collaboration and an educative component.

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.