Whole of the Moon

Susie and Banjo the Jack Russell will journey the river, from Cadell to Caloote, by boat, mapping it over the duration of a moon cycle whilst uncovering and celebrating the connections of the river to its inhabitants.

Susie Skinner is a storyteller who works with theatre and music. She is an artist who wants to be useful.

The Whole of the Moon is five events connected to the phases of the moon, all of which the public are invited to attend.


“It starts on June 3, 2011 when like a beautiful autumn leaf,  my mum fell from a ladder while cleaning the gutters at home and died five hours later.

Then we were sleeping together; death and me. When the undeniable tug of fate takes a turn in our lives sometimes only the primal things count; like rivers and mothers. In these complex times where rivers are pitted in battle against mining companies and profiteers, where the umpire is for the most part capitalism, I had something important to throw in to the ring.

We sat together the river and me and wrote a couple of songs.  Whole of the Moon is an adventure honouring the cycles of life, death and rebirth.”

Susie Skinner




New Moon Journey Begins

The project will launch on Friday 14 August, under a new moon at the Cadell River Front with the community of Cadell celebrating the “life and the death” of the Murray River with original songs.

When: Friday 14 August, 3pm – sunset

Where: Cadell River Front


First Quarter

Next port, Swan Reach where a collaboration with local Sedan writer Joe Carli will celebrate the waxing moon through poetry and song and a 20 minute live theatre performance written by Joe and performed by Susie. Plus Beverly Loveday’s book launch.

When: Saturday 22 August, 3pm – sunset

Where: Swan Reach Landing


Full Moon

Just a little way down the Mighty Murray under the full moon Susie will be welcomed to country by the traditional owners, the Nganguraku People at their homeland land of Ngaut Ngaut. She will then be a guest at the opening of the Ngaut Ngaut mooring posts by Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess, in honor of the late Richard Hunter.

When: Sunday 30 August, 3pm – sunset

Where: Ngaut Ngaut


Last Quarter

Further on down the track at Walker Flat, visual artist Lyn Wood will work with the local community to write homages to the river that float away in the form of tiny paper boats whilst Susie serenades the last quarter of the moon with a song.

When: Saturday 5 September, 3pm – sunset

Where: Walker Flat


New Moon Journeys end

Caloote under the new moon; another song; another celebration of the “life

and the death” of the Murray River with original songs, and a book launch for local writer Rosemary Faehrmann.

When: Sunday 13 September, 3pm – sunset

Where: Caloote Landing


Image: Judy in the Prow. Photo by Susie Skinner.



New Moon Friday 14 August 3pm

First Quarter Saturday 22 August 3pm

Full Moon Sunday 30 August 3pm

Last Quarter Saturday 5 September 3pm

New Moon Sunday 13 September 3pm


Artists in Residence with Community Participation


Susie Skinner


Cadell River Front, Swan Reach Landing, Ngaut Ngaut, Walker Flat, Caloote Landing

About the Artist

Susie Skinner

Susie Skinner is a storyteller who works with theatre and music. A graduate of Flinders Drama Centre, Susie was a guest at the 5th International Women’s Playwrights Conference 2000 in Athens, and subsequently developed and wrote a number of theatre works with and for communities.

Country Arts SA recognises and respects that we are living and creating on Aboriginal Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.