Diary of a Creative Producer

21. 10. 2019

Reflections from Writing Place

It’s been over a month since we said goodbye to everyone on the final day of Writing Place. Everyone flew (or drove) home and went back to their everyday lives. I’ve had other projects and work to keep me busy, but I’ve still been thinking about Writing Place. It was a huge undertaking for me as the Creative Producer (especially with some unexpected behind the scenes challenges that almost saw the project cancelled at the last minute!) and the time away with the writers and mentors had a big impact on me personally. Some of the writers have also been reflecting on their experiences, including this fabulous and detailed essay by Wallea Eaglehawk. Here is a tiny snippet from Wallea reflecting on working with her mentor during Writing Place:

“But his feedback, or rather the way he gave his feedback blew me away. He actually wanted me to do well. I know that’s a funny thing to say, but too often have I been in a situation where someone has given me feedback that has left me feeling confused and frustrated. This time was vastly different.”

And reflecting on the community built during the residency:

“We laughed, we cried (although, I think that was just me) and we shared work far beyond our monologues. We danced, we sang, we played theatre games and sat around the fire. Interestingly it was the times we weren’t writing that we grew the most as creatives. Connecting, sharing experiences, providing support. By the end of the residency, it felt like we went on a journey through time and space that no one else would ever be able to relate to.”

It wasn’t just Wallea who cried. There were lots of tears from writers, and from mentors too. There were tears from me as well.

For anyone who has ever spent time on a residency or a creative camp or even a special weekend away with friends, you’ll know exactly what Wallea is talking about. Shared experiences create a bond and a language that is unique to that moment and those people. It’s one of the reasons projects like this are important, because they build those connections – the connections that empower, inspire and sustain us throughout our lives and careers.

Alysha Herrmann

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