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13. 02. 2017

Regional Centre of Culture – Just Add Water 2012 Community Impact Report

Independent Consultant Dr Christine Putland has delivered an extensive evaluation report demonstrating the profound impact Just Add Water has made on the community of Goolwa.

It is a testament to everyone involved – artists, arts companies (both from within the community and without) and to the local community of 6000 people who racked up over 53,000 appearances between them – and proof, if any was needed, when a community chooses to embrace arts as a part of daily life.


To find out what happens when one regional South Australian community stages 443 arts events in one year, you have several options.

You can download a short 4-page summary in pdf format Just Add Water 2012 Community Impact short summary


Or you can read the parts of the full report that interest you.

Part One: Just Add Water in a nutshell – a brief overview of the whole program and its main outcomes. Just Add Water 2012 1 in a nutshell online


Part Two: Perspectives on the community impact of Just Add Water: What difference did the program make to the community as a whole? Just Add Water 2012 2 community impact online


Attachment A to Part Two: What happened and how many people participated.  Just Add Water 2012 3 community impact program details online


Attachment B to Part Two: the community impact evaluation process Just Add Water 2012 4 community impact evaluation process online


Part Three: How did people respond to the opportunities and experiences offered in Just Add Water? What difference did the program make to individuals and groups/organisations? Just Add Water 2012 evaluation Part 3 web

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