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28. 10. 2015

Riverboat Songs

This concert of contemporary and traditional Riverboat songs was part of an ongoing collection from Warren Hardiman and Dick Bromhead that took place on Sunday the 27th September at 3pm.

Whilst many songs are only know in part and most left unrecorded or only recorded in part, much of the history of many of the song is known. Over the hour Warren and Dick offered historical insights to the songs sung and to how they capture and connected to the history of the river and the people of the time.

Special guest on harmonica: Trendy

Songs include

Dying Bargeman

Steamer Bunyip

The Old Emma

Last of the Riverboats/ Andy Durant

Song of the Freshwater Sailor

To Burke and back again

Riverina Memory/Charlie Hall

On the Darling

Nautical Yarn – is the song you are listening to

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Photo credit: ITALO VARDARO

Audio recording: PAUL GAZZOLA



Paul Gazzola

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