05. 12. 2015

RIVERscience⌘LANDart: community archive revealed

The core philosophy and approach of ‘RIVERscience⌘LANDart’ is to find ways of using art to engage the public with issues involving the science of the river. Hence, this project collaborates with community groups involved with environmental related activities, and develops outcomes integrating art and science.

The first activity under ‘RIVERscience⌘LANDart’ was to develop a travelling science-art showcase consisting of photography compiled from the personal archives of volunteers involved with environmental surveying, and my own photography practice.

The objective here was to celebrate the contributions made by community volunteers. While the focus of their activities was the environment, an important outcome of their contributions was both environmental and community resilience. I was especially fascinated by the strong interest in photography within the community, greatly enhanced with the digital age of user-friendly cameras.

I brought together about a 1000 images from interested community members. They were carefully reviewed, sorted and curated. The best of these images, that were representative of the diversity of the contributors, as well as provided insight to the diversity found in the surveys, were selected for the required science-art expression. Curating this large archive also provided great insight into some of the trends and challenges taking place in community-generated photography for documenting community life. While the diversity of photography-related skills, applications and objectives were understandably diverse, the passion for photography and even greater commitment to their volunteer work was in common.

photos:[LtoR]RHamood; TTerBogt; DHirst; PJacobs

photos:[LtoR]RHamood; TTerBogt; DHirst; PJacobs

Charles Tambiah

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