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A Manifold Poem

  In our last ‘The Dirt’ blog for Manifold Portrait I introduced Caroline Reid – go read that blog here- and Caroline has now put up some of her thoughts over on her blog, including a lovely poetry response ‘Into Spring’.   Here’s an excerpt:   The falling dirt is gentle,  a soft sound None […]

Welcoming The Words In

Another of the artists I’ve invited into conversation with Manifold Portrait recently joined Jess and I in our ongoing discovery here.   Writer and excellent human, Caroline Reid joined us in the park last week and yesterday. Caroline currently calls Adelaide home and so she and I have shared the car journeys from Adelaide to […]

This Is A River. This Is A Community. This Is Art.

  Although I’m currently based in Adelaide for other work, the Riverland is my heartland and my home. My parents, grandparents, siblings and many other family live here. I have a rich and supportive network of friends and community here. I was born here (in Waikerie). This country calls to me in my dreams when […]

Netting New Faces

  Last week Jess and I started exploring ideas for ‘visual elements’ for Manifold Portrait. Ie. things in the space that people see and that *hopefully* allow and encourage them to see Rotary Park in a new way. Jess started weaving a little face with string into my wire wastepaper basket and we decided that […]

How to Begin: Just Begin.

  There’s something quietly powerful about just starting. Activity breeds more activity. It gives others permission to follow suit.   This ‘trueness’ has followed me around in many pairs of gloves over the last few years. I’ve encountered it over and over again in the Renew Movement (and it’s Creating Spaces conference in 2013), in […]

Crowdsourcing an Army of Trees #manifoldportrait

Today Jess and I (Alysha) came together in Rotary Park to ‘formally’ begin our Manifold Portrait residency as part of This Is A River. I’ve been visiting the park since November last year once a month to take photos, talk to any residents who happened to be around, write notes and just ‘be’ in the […]

Probably This. Mabe That. Definitely.

One of the things about projects – and life – is that things change. People get sick. Timelines get pushed back. Ideas evolve and grow into something entirely new. In life and in projects. I both love and hate all the unknowns…   After weeks of sickness and not being able to get much work […]

An Open Moon

Due to car troubles (mine) we had to cancel last week’s Manifold Portrait visit so it was great to be back on the road this Sunday for a visit.   This Sunday Susie Skinner also had a sharing of her This is a River residency Whole of the Moon. The sharing was happening out at […]