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The Importance of Community for Young Regional Writers

Written by Isidora Pandilovska Edited by Libby Parker Community and mentorship shapes writers, and Writing Place provided the community I desperately needed. I started my writing career in early 2019 by co-writing a play with my friend Charlotte Smith for the Year 10 cohort at my high school. This would not have been possible without […]

Deadlines and Discoveries

Written by Lisa Semmler Edited by Libby Parker * Before (July 2019) – I am not a writer. I am just someone who likes to write. “Real” writers write all day, every day, with endless cups of coffee (or something stronger) in rooms filled with beautifully bound books, and with brilliant minds filled with clear, […]

How I Found A Sense Of Community At Writing Place 2019

Written by Jordan Clayden-Lewis Edited by Libby Parker Home. Crossroads and dusty boots. A seal under the surface. Me As writers, we tend to etch from emotion – from fragments of experiences we’ve had, seen, or even dreamed. There’s a symbol behind every sentence. A voice behind every character; all these stories in your head […]

I’m a Writer?

Written by Danielle Aquilina Edited by Libby Parker I once heard it said that ‘actors are simply the vessels to be filled by the words of writers’.  Having a background in theatre and performance, I was not all that impressed to hear my function simplified so much. I have always respected writers for their linguistic […]

Reflections from Writing Place

It’s been over a month since we said goodbye to everyone on the final day of Writing Place. Everyone flew (or drove) home and went back to their everyday lives. I’ve had other projects and work to keep me busy, but I’ve still been thinking about Writing Place. It was a huge undertaking for me […]

On Writing Place

Done. We made it to the finish line. We brought together fourteen emerging regional playwrights from across regional Australia with mentors Emily Steel, Mary Anne Butler and Caleb Lewis for nine days. We laughed, cried, ate, learned, dreamed, connected, created, wrote. Here is a little snapshot of what Writing Place looked like and what it […]

Squad Vid

Remember back in March when the Art Squad met face-to-face for the first time? Whelp, emerging film-maker Leighton Bond joined us for some of the ride and has put together this little snapshot. Go and check it out. PS – We’ve extended applications for Writing Place until 17th July.

Writing (of/in) Place

The collective marketing might of Carclew, Country Arts SA and ATYP have been working really hard to spread the word about applications to attend Writing Place. The Carclew team have popped up a couple of little videos of me talking about some behind the scenes of what it’s all about, which you can find it […]

Let’s Write!

Are you a regional writer (anywhere in regional Australia) aged 18-26? Join us at Writing Place this September. Writing Place is a joint project of Country Arts SA, Carclew and Australian Theatre for Young People and is supported by the Regional Arts Fund Strategic Initiatives. Writing Place is a one-week residency for regional writers and […]

Face-to-face with the Squad

Recently the nine participants of Art Squad gathered for four days of face-to-face time in Adelaide. Although the squad have been together as a cohort since October last year, their regular group interaction is via weekly video-link (we use Zoom) and digital collaboration hub Slack. Our time together in Adelaide was the first time most […]