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William McHughes & the East Wellington Chapel

By Michelle Murray 2015   Autumn 1866. “Big Jimmy” shaved off his beard and caught a cold. Then he died. Young William buried his father as a Christian would, despite the opposition of the old men. Spring. William got himself baptized by the man who brought Jesus to Lake Alexandrina, the missionary George Taplin. After […]

The Maria: arrival of European Law

PLEASE NOTE: Some people may find the content of this post to be distressing. It describes a series of events that occurred in the 1800’s along South Australia’s Coorong that involved both Aboriginal people and European colonisers.   In July, 1840 the colony of South Australia was four years old. News had reached the authorities […]

Meeting of the Waters, Wellington – Ngurunderi's Spear

Owen, Richard and I followed the low roads to Woods Point through the Jervois dairy country until we reached the levy bank. From there we could see how Pondi had thrashed about forcing a path downstream to escape Ngurunderi and his spear. On the low side we saw the wetlands/farmlands where his tail had hit […]

Meeting of the Waters, Wellington

This is us, the Meeting of the Waters artists: Michelle Murray, Heather Millar, Kylie Kain, Owen Love and Richard Hodges. Our residency is at Wellington but the Ngarrindjeri story of Ngurunderi chasing Pondi, the Murray Cod down stream, sets our stage. To understand the river at Wellington, we must at least understand the river from […]

Kylie Kain: a portrait

by Heather Millar Kylie Kain is a singer/songwriter who lives on a cattle farm on the southern Fleurieu with her three children. Kylie’s song ‘Stompin the Ground’ – written for Reconciliation Week in 2014 – won the National Sing Loud Competition for best original song, judged by Gurrumul and Delta Goodrem. The song is on […]

Michelle Murray: a portrait

By Heather Millar Writer and storyteller Michelle Murray is driven by the need to understand herself and the family she has chosen – she is a white woman married to an Aboriginal man, with whom she has two children. Synergistically, Michelle’s latest project, the Meeting of the Waters, is one of a number of creative […]

Owen Love: a portrait

photo by Richard Hodges by Heather Millar Playwright, theatre performer and diesel mechanic Owen Love is one of the artists featured in Meeting of the Waters, a project supported by Country Arts SA involving a residency at Wellington, the development of a series of short films, interviews and blogs posts featured on a website – […]

Ailee McHughes – Ancestors & Descendants

As I stood in the middle of the church that my ancestor, William McHughes built many decades ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection. I never met my great-great grandfather but as soon as I stepped into that sacred place of worship full of pigeon poo and dusty scaffolding, I felt welcomed. The land […]

Discovering Wellington and William McHughes

– by Michelle Murray At the beginning of this project there was a trauma in my family that was so potent it felt like it would rip me apart; as though the past had not finished with us yet. At the beginning of this project I also did my four weeks of residency in Wellington. […]

Richard Hodges: a portrait

By Heather Millar. In Meeting of the Waters, photographer Richard Hodges, of Cadell Street Studio in Goolwa, captures the changing moods of the people and the landscape using both photography and film. He chronicles Owen Love’s story and responds creatively to Michelle Murray’s poetic tales with enigmatic images of the region. Richard has a picture […]