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RIVERscience⌘LANDart: community process and narrative

In addition to the wonderful photographs contributed by the community volunteers discussed in my previous blog post, I contributed contextual portrait images I made of these same volunteers undertaking their environmental surveys – these images provided an intimate narrative and added a different artistic element to the science being communicated. A series of overview text […]

Ailee McHughes – Ancestors & Descendants

As I stood in the middle of the church that my ancestor, William McHughes built many decades ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection. I never met my great-great grandfather but as soon as I stepped into that sacred place of worship full of pigeon poo and dusty scaffolding, I felt welcomed. The land […]

Crowdsourcing an Army of Trees #manifoldportrait

Today Jess and I (Alysha) came together in Rotary Park to ‘formally’ begin our Manifold Portrait residency as part of This Is A River. I’ve been visiting the park since November last year once a month to take photos, talk to any residents who happened to be around, write notes and just ‘be’ in the […]

RIVERscience⌘LANDart: community archive revealed

The core philosophy and approach of ‘RIVERscience⌘LANDart’ is to find ways of using art to engage the public with issues involving the science of the river. Hence, this project collaborates with community groups involved with environmental related activities, and develops outcomes integrating art and science. The first activity under ‘RIVERscience⌘LANDart’ was to develop a travelling […]

RIVERscience⌘LANDart: the shows come to town

In my previous posts I described the process I used thus far to develop the community engagement showcase.  Finally, after over six months of activity, not only has the community engagement showcase ‘come to town,’ but so has my own science-art photography showcase associated with ‘This Is A River’. I have consciously integrated the two […]

Probably This. Mabe That. Definitely.

One of the things about projects – and life – is that things change. People get sick. Timelines get pushed back. Ideas evolve and grow into something entirely new. In life and in projects. I both love and hate all the unknowns…   After weeks of sickness and not being able to get much work […]

Discovering Wellington and William McHughes

– by Michelle Murray At the beginning of this project there was a trauma in my family that was so potent it felt like it would rip me apart; as though the past had not finished with us yet. At the beginning of this project I also did my four weeks of residency in Wellington. […]

An Open Moon

Due to car troubles (mine) we had to cancel last week’s Manifold Portrait visit so it was great to be back on the road this Sunday for a visit.   This Sunday Susie Skinner also had a sharing of her This is a River residency Whole of the Moon. The sharing was happening out at […]

Richard Hodges: a portrait

By Heather Millar. In Meeting of the Waters, photographer Richard Hodges, of Cadell Street Studio in Goolwa, captures the changing moods of the people and the landscape using both photography and film. He chronicles Owen Love’s story and responds creatively to Michelle Murray’s poetic tales with enigmatic images of the region. Richard has a picture […]