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21. 12. 2018

The Squad: A Beginning

Since being selected in October the Squad have

  • had 3 Squad attend the National Regional Arts Conference with me (2018 was Artlands in Bendigo);
  • had 7 #weeklygroup sessions (our group video calls using Zoom);
  • collectively participated in twenty-eight 1:1’s with me;
  • independently connected and checked in on each other through 3 x mini-groups;
  • started sharing and connecting collectively on a private Slack group with channels for things like #inspiration #braggingrights #resources and #facetoface;
  • booked in time in March 2019 to come together for the first time as a whole group (stay tuned early next year for opportunities to meet the Squad if you’re in Adelaide or nearby);
  • started dreaming, thinking and planning for 2019 – independent projects, professional development, advocacy, connection and everything in between.

Art Squad is only just beginning and finding its feet as we discover what works to facilitate and nurture a group of diverse young creative practitioners across the state. We’re all signing off for a four week summer break but we’ll be back in January and you’ll be hearing directly from the Squad in 2019 with guest posts and some more from me, so stay tuned. When I get back in January I’ll also be catching up on some other posts that are sitting in the drafts folder (like a recap of our Artlands experience) and sharing with you other projects and activities happening across the state in 2019.

Some words from our anonymous feedback so far survey:

Being part of Art Squad in 2018 has made me feel like I belong, prior to starting the journey I didn’t see my creativity as an asset, more a weird quirk. Being around other creative people has helped me see otherwise and inspired me to keep working towards a creative future.

Be awesome to each other and yourselves and see you in 2019.

IMAGE: Screenshot of Art Squad at the end of #weeklygroup #6

Alysha Herrmann

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