09. 12. 2015

Things that Might go Wrong

  • Banjo might drown
  • I might drown
  • I might crash into another boat or cause a huge boating disaster
  • It might be boring
  • It might be freezing
  • I might DIE!

Why did I decide to spend a month on a boat on the River Murray in late winter? I pondered this the other day when I went for a walk with Banjo and my 9 year old friend Pipo.  We scampered along the River Torrens in St. Peters and inevitably we got wet – who needs bridges when you have stepping stones?

Pipo:  ” This is more like a journey than a walk.”

Me:   ” Whats the difference between a journey and a walk?”

Pipo:  ” A journey is dangerous.”

Late Winter means early Spring right?

  • It might be amazing
  • It might be astonishingly beautiful
  • Banjo wasn’t born to live in a back yard
  • I wasn’t born to live in a suburb

Ever been on a boat on the River Murray? It gets under your skin.

Susie Skinner



  • Bella Bishop says:

    Woweee Susie this is the best adventure !! Where can i mail an ocarina for you to make mad muddy music with beloved Banjo. Love and best wishes Bella ☺

  • Scott says:

    Enjoy Susi!
    You won’t regret it. You might not die. Banjo might not die.
    You will have fun. You will see some amazing things.
    You will love it. X

  • RicO says:

    Hey Susie. Adventures change peoples lives, as I’m sure yours will. You and Banjo will only live ! :), breath out at the right places, and draw in the chosen surrounding. Travel well with the flow.
    Love RicO XO

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