This is a Border (Town)

19. 09. 2016

This is a Border (Town) – Highway Driving


Driving along the highway to Bordertown, I have a particular experience that taps into my various thoughts on possible discussions and outcomes within this project. One of the prompts for This is a Border (town) is to consider contemporary boundaries and our approaches to them – whether they are real constraints or whether we overcome them. By default, this discussion implies understanding and modes of authorities and people and systems who maintain various boundaries. As numerous cars flashed their headlights at me, travelling in the opposite direction I felt a warm, shared smugness spread over me. This is the implicitly understood signal to watch out for traffic cops, highway patrols and speed cameras. To me, it is a universal (Australian) sign of resistance, a camaraderie between strangers to defy authority.


Of course, it’s fair to say that my van rarely travels at the speed limit – let alone above it!


Image courtesy Regan Tamanui.


James Dodd

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Artist Residency


James Dodd, Mark de Nys, Malcolm McKinnon



About the Artist

Malcolm McKinnon

Malcolm McKinnon is an Australian artist and filmmaker working mainly in rural communities. Over the past 25 years, his work has encompassed oral history, urban planning, public and community art projects, critical writing and exhibitions. His current practice is mainly focused around documentary filmmaking and social history, motivated by an appreciation of living memory and local vernacular.

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About the Artist

James Dodd

James Dodd is an artist who has a strong interest in public space and often works on mural scale and community oriented outcomes. He has a multi-faceted visual arts practice that embraces a range of painting and sculptural approaches. He exhibits regularly across Australia and has had his work collected by major institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia. Dodd is an educator at Adelaide Central School of Art and is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

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About the Artist

Mark de Nys

Mark de Nys is a Limestone Coast based Visual Artist ,Educator and Musician,with a background in Engineering and Design, he has worked on large scale public artwork throughout Australia, taking energy from things never before made, re-inventing and re imagining always questioning, Why? This is a Border(town) offers the rare chance to engage with local Blokes via the Men's Shed along with industry and council members, the outcome is organic and fluid embracing Men's mental health, there may be Windmills! Hope to see you on the Journey.

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