Change and Adaptation

03. 08. 2016


Artists:  Cath Cantlon  l  Tis Milner Nichols  l  Barbary O’Brien  l  Robert Petchell  l  Mike Tye

The reimagining of significant doors at the Southern Fleurieu Health Service

Doors of significance to staff at the Southern Fleurieu Health Service were removed prior to demolition of the old buildings on the Victor Harbor campus in early 2014.

A call went out to staff in January 2014 inviting them to select doors from their office or consulting room that they would like saved and prepared for exhibition with the help of an artist.

Negotiations were held with the demolishers and the specifications written into the scope of works.  The doors were marked and the site crew removed them and placed the selected doors in storage.

Artists were then assigned doors and organized meetings in the Art House  with their owner to explore ideas and concepts that held meaning for the staff member.

The Thresholds art project questioned what being at a threshold means both for clients and staff.   It explored  the metaphoric/ symbolic nature of passing through doorways, referencing the life changing experience that some clients face when stepping into and out of a clinician’s room.

For staff of SFHS retaining a piece of familiar architecture from the old building then transforming it into something new,  provided a link to the past while becoming open to more exciting future possibilities.

The Phoenix Door 2015

Partner Outcomes

  • Increased practitioner awareness of client experience
  • a mechanism to help staff cope with change
  • Improved physical spaces

The Thresholds project emerged from the ‘Dressing the Building’ project.  Click here to see the Change & Adaptation project map.

Matthew Bennett

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