17. 12. 2015

Welcoming The Words In

Another of the artists I’ve invited into conversation with Manifold Portrait recently joined Jess and I in our ongoing discovery here.


Writer and excellent human, Caroline Reid joined us in the park last week and yesterday. Caroline currently calls Adelaide home and so she and I have shared the car journeys from Adelaide to Berri. It’s a three hour drive, which gives a slice of time for talking, reflection, planning, tangents. All the good stuff. You know.


Caroline dipped her toe into the place and the project with some written impressions and observations. Being an ‘outside’ eye, I found her insights especially interesting as they allowed me to pick up on things I might never have noticed. The approach Caroline brought added another layer to the exploration and questions Jess and I have been asking – adding to this process we are in of ‘uncovering’.


This may seem slightly off topic, but I both love and hate jigsaw puzzles. I remember visiting a friend who’d just been given a jigsaw puzzle as a present and it was one of those ones where the picture on the front is a clue of what the puzzle looks like when it’s finished, not the actual picture the puzzle pieces make*. She asked me to help her put some pieces in. I stayed up until 2am finishing the puzzle…long after everyone else had gone to bed.


As the ‘lead’ artist (whatever that even means) on this project, part of my role is joining the dots, finding the connections, weaving the disparate strands together, providing context and a framework for this thing we are creating. Making sure there is ‘something’ for the community and an audience to experience. Even when I’m not in the park and not actively thinking about Manifold Portrait, the project is still there whirling around in the back of my mind (Always. ALWAYS). Puzzle pieces that I am both actively and accidentally moving around until they find their place and the picture they make together is revealed.


Caroline has a writerly blog where she shares some of her work, her thoughts and opportunities for writers. You should most definitely check it out – http://carolinereidwrites.blogspot.com.au/.

*It was a ‘WASGIJ’ for anyone who wants to try one, you can find them with a Google search.


Alysha Herrmann


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